Trudy Pelletier

Communication Specialist for Business Families


As a FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR Certificant, Executive Coach, and facilitator, I specialize in simplifying difficult conversations for business families dealing with succession, transition and family business conflicts. I take a "coach" approach to facilitating Meaningful Dialogue™ and as a result, the lines of communication are opened, relationships are enriched, understanding is deepened, and better decisions can be made for a future that fulfills both business and personal goals, and improves quality of life.

More often that not, family members tend to procrastinate on improving the health of the family relationships and communication. There is a history of conflict, hurt and animosity at play that leaves family members resigned and cynical that anything can be different in the future. Right now your relationships are on a certain trajectory (somewhat of a predictable future given the past) - if you engage in the work, I promise you that default future can be altered for each and every one of you; such that you have experiences of being heard, seen, and understood newly; each of you will be far more capable and effective at dealing with conflict and breakdowns; and you will be connected and united as a family, that perhaps you once were and have no memory of.

“Our family’s work with Trudy has significantly impacted 3 generations of our family and we were able to discover and practice new ways of communication. Our tools for communication are significantly improved throughout the family and we are now able to deal with difficult issues more effectively. We are also now collaborating and supporting each other more effectively in growing our 3 family businesses and we are taking actions to plan and share a new future through succession and continuity planning.”

The Keith Family
Qualimet, ProspEx, & NujeN, Alberta Companies

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Succession Planning

“Trudy provided us the communication tools to address family dynamics and issues that were preventing our family from moving forward with succession planning. She facilitated the difficult conversations enabling us to build trust and strengthen our relationships and be in action to forward the continuity plan.”

2nd Generation Business Family, Edmonton, AB

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Family Business Consulting

“Trudy’s work in the area of difficult conversations is vitally important for families who are committed to continued ownership of assets together as these families strive to build capacity within themselves to face the inevitable challenges of cross generation transition. Her work also extends to leadership development for the next generation sustaining continued growth and success.”

Ruth Steverlynck, Principal
Your Family Enterprise

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Leadership Training Workshops

“We are a family photography studio business that needed both direction and leadership while transitioning to the next generation of photographers. As a result of the listening and understanding each other through Trudy’s work, we are moving forward united and excited to elevate our success. Trudy is caring and direct in her approach -- we are inspired with the structure she is creating with and for us.”

Studio White, A Family Business
Calgary, Alberta

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