Kool-Aid anyone?

ID-100114184It can be said that leaders are defined by the behaviors of their followers – if yours aren’t willing to crawl over broken glass to work with you, your leadership and your organization may be at risk.
Recent research shows these frightening statistics:

  • Only 29 percent of employees are engaged – that means 71 percent – nearly three quarters of the workforce –  are not engaged or are actively disengaged (source: Gallup Poll)
  • More than 50 percent of the workforce plans to look for a new job once the economy improves
  • 86 percent are working against their natural talents and true nature
  • Up to 70 percent of the population will exit from the workforce within 10 years.

If you take a hard look at your organization, could one or more of these findings represent what’s going on in your company?
How do you make followers of them?
Understand that relationships count more than structure – Anonymous
If you’ve looked at your own situation and can see disconnection is rife in your organization, here are some steps you can take:

  • Connect with your people — engage head and heart
  • Be Deliberate — unplug from the addiction of busyness and be present
  • Make every conversation count — give your employees the experience of being heard, seen and understood so they’re motivated to bring more of themselves to work
  • Be Self-Directed — increase awareness of your own part In the results you see
  • Genuinely invite others to tell you what they’re really thinking — see that your view is only one perspective and that multiple perspectives exist, all of which are true
  • Dare to discuss the ‘undiscussables’– be genuine and vulnerable and let others be real with you so energy goes to what really matters

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Wholehearted leadership
When was the last time someone listened to you whole-heartedly? What difference did that make for you?
Wholehearted leadership means choosing vulnerability and transparency. If we are unwilling to be genuine and authentic, to expose ourselves, meaningful engagement can’t occur.
Be willing to be seen
Stop covering up shortcomings, weakness, doubts and failures. Share more than just your successes. Simply telling our ‘glory stories’ often means sharing what no one else can relate to, meaning nothing is given in the process.
If many of your employees aren’t reaching their potential or have become so dissatisfied they’ve got one eye on the door, changing the way you lead to a more complete and genuine style can make the difference between success and failure for your business.
Behind every great leader are great followers. Help them to move from disenchanted employees to engaged and productive followers.
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Leadership is an Art – Max Depree
Being Generous – the Art of Right Living
Generosity, as an exercise of inclusiveness, can help bridge misunderstandings or alienation, and create connections despite disagreements.
We consider generosity a prerequisite for problem solving, and therefore not to be approached casually.
Humility seems passive and unassertive. Yet it takes strength and resilience to tame the ego.

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