Relationship Enrichment Services



We are not wired to be alone.  Today, most people have been impacted by a relationship breakdown, divorce or separation.  Also, there are many in a relationship, believing this is ‘as good as it gets’; suffering and settling for ‘who and what they know’.  These are men and women, who have unmet authentic needs, who are resigned and cynical, about being deeply fulfilled by their intimate relationship.  Further to this, there is a segment of our population, who have the experience of being accomplished in creating happiness in their relationships. For you, in flourishing relationships, you most likely have the habit of deliberately engaging in unique opportunities to reconnect, learn, and grow together.

While it is not a surprise that men and women operate differently; it is interesting that we have so few conversations to understand these fundamental differences.  This is not about doing something more, or less, or differently.  This is not about strategies to change people to get what you want.

These conversations are about seeing and understanding the differences that are unknown to us.  These invisible differences put men and women at cross purposes causing tension.  Once you see these invisible differences, you shift tension to freedom; with a new-found ability to create happiness (men) and connection (women) in your relationships.