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Core Skills for Dynamic Presentations

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According to statistics, public speaking is the #1 fear -- people would rather die than get up and speak in front of a group. The power of fear is immense and as human beings, we tend to avoid doing anything that we can’t see ourselves being successful at. The constraints and limitations this fear puts on careers, leadership opportunities and one’s self-expression is a cost. The flip side is a person can be faced with the same constraints and limitations if they took the risk and wasn’t effective when presenting to a group. It can be a debilitating career move impacting both credibility and influence-ability within relationships if you didn’t make a strong impression or your message didn’t land with confidence, clarity and positive force.

Being effective and naturally at ease on your feet is a distinguishing factor in leadership. Why? There are many who choose not to go through the personal risk to be developed as a speaker. It is human nature to choose comfort over risk. Be a leader who steps into being uniquely expressed and confident presenting in any situation to any number of people. It opens doors, builds confidence and creates opportunities for “great” leadership.

“Trudy was tasked with the challenge to help me become a better public speaker. She coached me from some less than effective habits and grounded me in a new set of presentation skills; the result being a more confident effective presenter. Trudy was a pleasure to work with. Her coaching techniques were top shelf.”

Dale Miller, President & COO
Long Run Exploration Ltd.

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Trudy’s skills as an Executive Coach were such, that I could count on her to never permit mediocrity and push me beyond my comfort boundaries to help me achieve my personal best. Her business coaching skills draws from 25+ years in business and as a trainer in leadership and communication

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Hearing what is not being said is a skill that Trudy provides in workshop facilitation and team facilitation. The result is Meaningful Dialogue™, where Trudy gets straight to the issues by asking the right questions and challenges people to see outside of their regular thinking patterns.

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Presentation Coaching

Discover and expand your skills to connect with your audience and move people to action. Learn the Core Skills for Dynamic Presentations and create engaging PowerPoint presentations that support and clarify your message. Your delivery impacts the level of success you will have.

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Keynote Speaker

Trudy captivates and engages the audience with her stimulating messages and powerful delivery. Trudy’s love of life and passion for uplifting the human spirit inspires people to imagine living from greater possibilities. She has integrity in her way of being, actions and words.

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Core Skills for Dynamic Presentations