Trudy Pelletier

Communication Specialist for Business Families


Family Business Consulting
Meaningful Dialogues™ that Resolve Family Business Conflicts

As a family business coach and advisor, Trudy works with business families to help them succeed and grow through family business planning, transitions and succession. Her "coach" approach to frank conversations about tough issues enables skillful communication required for family members to align, collaborate and unite. 

At the source of family business issues and family stress are family business conflicts. Family business succession planning, transitions and next generation leadership development create complexity within family business dynamics. Many business families tend to avoid conversations where the stakes are high. In fact, the potential for family business conflict is often the barrier to securing the future of the business and harmony within the family.

“Facilitating family meetings is difficult work. The facilitator must be sensitive, compassionate, disciplined and emotionally intelligent. In my twenty years in the Family business environment, Trudy Pelletier is the best facilitator I’ve seen.”

Don Zinyk, D. A. Zinyk Consultant to Business Families

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My Commitment

- Build trust and open lines of communication

- Deepen understanding and connection

- Bring emotional awareness to conversations

Your Results

- “Trudy is my hero - we were a fractured and distant family that came together over 3 days to laugh, cry, and bond with one another. She brought us together in meaningful conversation.”

- “Trudy helped us deal with our limitations, fears and anger with each other, and ourselves.”

- “You have a gift for getting people to open up and talk about difficult issues; even when they are not fully aware it is a difficult issue."

- “I felt I could speak without being judged.”

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