Trudy Pelletier

Communication Specialist for Business Families


Family Business Leadership Training

The majority of family businesses are run by a single dominant leader – the founder. The business and managers themselves generally develop around the strengths and weaknesses of that one central leader, who most likely has a directive leadership style. 

The transition of a business to the next generation calls for a collaborative leadership style. New skills are needed when a group of leaders who have been working one-on-one with the owner, strive to become an interdependent team. Collaboration and peer-to-peer accountability demands different conversations, higher levels of listening and well-developed leadership skills. The roles in problem-solving, conflict resolution, negotiation and consensus building require new thinking and a different approach.

The responsibility of leading a successful business today and growing it to the next level of success can be a big mountain to climb. A multi-dimensional approach to preparing the new leaders - both personally and professionally - are critical to not only a successful transition, but also to securing the future of the business and the family legacy.

"We are a family photography studio business that needed both direction and leadership while transitioning to the next generation of photographers. As a result of the listening and understanding each other through Trudy’s work, we are moving forward united and excited to elevate our success. Trudy is caring and direct in her approach -- we are inspired with the structure she is creating with and for us."

Studio White, a Family Business, Calgary, AB

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My Commitment

- Recognize patterns, clarify options, create alternatives and isolate facts that link ideas, events and people

- Distill and summarize crucial information

- Enable actions by developing practical action plans

Your Results

- “A real humbling experience. For the first time in many years, the family came together and expressed themselves, as well as created stronger bonds, not only in the course but also activities after the course.”

- “This didn’t really even feel like a course; they had my attention the whole time. Myself and, I believe the rest of the family, got more out of this course than we could have asked for.”

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