Trudy Pelletier

Communication Specialist for Business Families


Presentation Coaching and PPT Development

Bert Decker, speaking consultant says “communication is a contact sport”. The kind of contact you are making with your audience, whether large or small is directly related to how you are feeling about being at the front of the room.

Getting your message across effectively and with impact is often a one shot deal. Your delivery either turns people on or off regardless of the importance of the message itself.

The benefits of being effective at public speaking touch every aspect of leadership which is interwoven into your self-esteem. There are eight core skills that you can learn and practice in order to connect with your audience, make yourself memorable and have impact.

“Trudy's ideas about presentation structure and delivery techniques that maintain audience engagement helped me to move my effectiveness as a presenter to the next level.”

Yogi Shulz, President
Corvelle Consulting - Calgary, AB

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Trudy’s skills as an Executive Coach were such, that I could count on her to never permit mediocrity and push me beyond my comfort boundaries to help me achieve my personal best. Her business coaching skills draws from 25+ years in business and as a trainer in leadership and communication

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Hearing what is not being said is a skill that Trudy provides in workshop facilitation and team facilitation. The result is Meaningful Dialogue™, where Trudy gets straight to the issues by asking the right questions and challenges people to see outside of their regular thinking patterns.

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Presentation Coaching

Discover and expand your skills to connect with your audience and move people to action. Learn the Core Skills for Dynamic Presentations and create engaging PowerPoint presentations that support and clarify your message. Your delivery impacts the level of success you will have.

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Keynote Speaker

Trudy captivates and engages the audience with her stimulating messages and powerful delivery. Trudy’s love of life and passion for uplifting the human spirit inspires people to imagine living from greater possibilities. She has integrity in her way of being, actions and words.

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