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Family Business Succession

The nature of planning itself can be overwhelming and therefore is often avoided or done poorly. This speaks to why there is a ring of truth in the statement “most people plan their holiday with more care than they plan their lives”. 

The idea of succession planning is even more daunting due to complexity, resistance to change and potential for relational conflict.  In June 2012, Alberta Business Family Institute published these statistics on Alberta Business families: 10% have a formal plan, 38% have an informal plan and 52% have no plan at all. Statistics also show it’s not the transactional structures that derail a succession plan, it is the soft or transformational issues - the human dimension of family, business and ownership.

How does one take on the challenge of succession planning? It takes a commitment to complete the process, a skilled trusted advisor and one conversation at a time.

“Trudy provided us the communication tools to address family dynamics and issues that were preventing our family from moving forward with succession planning. She facilitated the difficult conversations enabling us to build trust and strengthen our relationships and be in action to forward the continuity plan.”

2nd Generation Business Family, Edmonton, AB
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My Commitment

- Capture the essence of the goal, innovate “the how”, and conceptualize solutions

- Envision and articulate a future that offers more

- Create a sense of urgency and energize others to act

Your Results

- “Excellent job. We’ve been at this for 4 years and since working with you, we are finally making progress.”

- “A great start to a discussion that should have taken place a number of years ago.”

- “Intimidating at first in regards to all the things we wanted to accomplish, but as we worked through it we were very successful in accomplishing the tasks.”

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