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Which conversations are you avoiding or resisting?

Facilitate means to “make easier or less difficult; to help forward; to assist the progress of.”  I specialize in simplifying difficult conversations.

What makes a conversation difficult?

  • Relationship history
  • Trust levels
  • Your emotional relationship to the people involved and impacted, including yourself
  • Your internal dialogue, how you think and what you believe
  • The conclusions, assumptions, and judgements you have already made

What if you could have a conversation without any blame, judgement or resistance?

I take a ‘coach approach’ to facilitating difficult conversations – why?

  • Develop your leadership
  • Expand communication skills and capacity
  • Call your greatness forward

Who do I facilitate difficult conversations for?

  • Business families dealing with succession, transition, and family business conflicts
  • Partners in business who are at odds in the face of success, growth, and goals
  • Professionals who need exit strategies, that include preparing incoming leaders, personal legacy, and family planning for retirement, and wealth transition
  • Families who want to avoid litigation in family estate situations
  • Parents who are transitioning from parenting in one household to two homes

What is possible now that you have resolved the tough issues and strengthened your relationships through the conversations?

Communication can resolve anything, the problem is, we stop talking!


Our family’s work with Trudy has significantly impacted 3 generations of our family and we were able to discover and practice new ways of communication. Our tools for communication are significantly improved throughout the family and we are now able to deal with difficult issues more effectively. We are also now collaborating and supporting each other more effectively in growing our 3 family businesses and we are taking actions to plan and share a new future through succession and continuity planning.

The Keith Family
The Keith FamilyQualimet, ProspEx, & NujeN, Alberta Companies