Hello world! – – A Big Hairy Audacious Goal

WELCOME  — thank you for choosing to spend your time on my blog.  My name is Trudy Pelletier.
You and I have some common ground; we have dreams and challenges, strengths and limitations, we think we have a past and a future and we have a natural yearning for more.  That “something more” may be named differently for each of us, but I believe, the essence of it is the same.  It’s fulfillment, an inner balance and peace, joy and love, a desire to matter and to have meaning.  My big hairy audacious goal is to make a difference to you in the game we call life and to invite you to make a difference for me in ways that inspires and nourishes our desire for “something more”.
It’s my desire to create a meaningful connection with you that serves and enables you to have a new view of yourself and your life, which includes everyone and eveything in it.  It’s our view, the position from which we experience ourselves and others, that gives us authentic power or disables us.  I’ve used the tag line “connecting people to greater possbilities” to describe what I love to do most.  That is to engage in meaningful dialogue™ to facilitate transformation so you can live a life you love.
Just like you and every other person on the planet, out of a few defining moments in my life, I made some significant decisions that have shaped me and my experiences in life.  The magnitude of influence those decisions have had on my career and now my chosen work have astounded me. It’s my personal journey that cultivated and inspired me to discover my talents and develop my gifts to serve others to Understand the Function of Dysfunction™.
I’m going to share my story and my passion for using the dysfunction, to whatever degree it’s present in your life to inspire you to Be More, Do More and Have More.  Shifting our view of the dysfunction will liberate you and give you freedom to live a life that in this moment may be beyond your imagination.  If that’s the case, I’m asking that you trust me, because from my own experience, I know what’s possible.  I stand for what’s possible for you and I will hold the space in this dialogue as you stretch your mind and your heart, if you decide to play a bigger game in life.  And I’d love it if you would play that game with me!