This conversation isn't going well…

A couple of weeks ago, I was leading a team conversation to improve listening skill and expand ability to ask big questions.  And it wasn’t going well, and; further to that I knew it wasn’t going well.  What I know to do in the face of things not going well is to stop and check in with people to see what’s happening for them.  Acknowledging the experience people are having, including myself is the first step in being able to alter the trajectory we are on.  The authenticity of expressing “this doesn’t seem to be working for you and it isn’t working for me” enables an opening for a “new” conversation.  It creates a space that frees people up to be “real” and share their experience.  When you recognize your need to alter the course you are on because you see it isn’t going to end the way you want it to, the following actions will enable you to alter that course:

  •         Check in with yourself and other(s) to understand how the experience is occurring
  •         Review purpose, goals and objectives for the conversation
  •         Ask questions and listen for what’s possible
  •         Let silence do the heavy lifting

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