"Take a Walk on the Inside" – the opportunities are infinite in a lifetime

I am on another journey to “Take a Walk on the Inside”, the title of my book launched in October 2016.
My almost 2-year relationship ended a couple of weeks ago. My boyfriend says to me, “I’m not committed. I’m not attracted to you and haven’t been since December. I’m not inspired.”
WOW – I had no idea what his reality is inside of our relationship.
I am unrecognizable to myself. I got his communication and I take full responsibility. I share that I see conversations where I’ve been demanding and critical – even adversarial. I ask what impact that has on him. I’m standing for my possibility of exquisite love and partnership that lasts a lifetime.
As I reflect on my Walk on the Inside, I see conversations missing – questions I didn’t have the courage to ask. I see where I was being in-authentic and the impact on him, me and us. I see moments in time where I stepped over stuff. As I explore my background conversation, said another way, my context – how I think about myself, men, relationship, love, intimacy and so much more, I am discovering what was hidden from my view. My journey is so rich with many “ahas” from the moments in time.
I have moments, sometimes minutes where I have to cause myself to remain inside of being responsible. Why? There is that smaller part of me who wants to blame; and wants to be angry with him being the bad guy. While that is part of my humanity; and natural, I know that gives me no power. I let myself feel what I feel; and then generate myself as the self-directed leader my entire life’s work is all about – courageously.  In that, I discover how big of a human being I am.
Your turn — for a moment:  Take a Walk on the Inside
Notice your own reaction – what is playing out in the background? What are the labels you are putting to me and to him? Notice — just notice.
I am in the inquiry to make the most and take the gold from this experience. I am in the process of completing the relationship, all the glorious moments, happy and fun times, victories, breakdowns and upsets. I am so grateful for sharing life intimately with him, for having an opportunity to love deeply and play full-out, such that I now know myself “newly” in this area of life.
This is what it is to “Take a Walk on the Inside” – when circumstances confront reality, stand in being responsible and play the game to master oneself. That is when we are present to our greatness!
If you are inspired by my story and recognize that the time may be now for you to “Take a Walk on the Inside”, you can email or message me for a copy of the book or order it directly at https://squareup.com/store/simply-more-inc