I am a Communication Specialist. I can help you and your organization improve your communication through my workshops, group facilitation, 1-on-1 coaching conversations or keynote.

Clear communication fosters understanding, which is the foundation to performance, growth, connection, and fulfillment. In other words, communication is access to everything your business needs to thrive and everything you want for your life.

My journey in communication mastery began very young. I remember saying to myself when I was 8 years old, “When I grow up I’m going to help people talk better.” At the time, I struggled to feel heard and understood. Even then, I realized the impact of ineffective communication and the importance of being heard, seen and understood.

In 2009, I had another defining moment, as I listened to three generations of a family share the complexity of family business and the added tension due to succession and continuity planning I expanded my practice to focus on the human dimension of family business operations, and succession planning.

In 2013 I began to study the work of Alison Armstrong and PAX Programs, which is devoted to understanding how men and women operate differently. I was inspired to become certified, and provide this diversity-focused programming to workplaces.  My goal is to provide understanding and illuminate what is mostly invisible in our nature, empowering people to work better together. These three proprietary workshops are a core offering in the services I provide.