Communication Specialist


I am a Communication Specialist at the core of all my services.

Family Business Advisor
Executive Coach
Workshop Facilitator
Keynote Speaker
Presentation Coach

About Me

I had a defining moment when I was 8 years old, where I didn’t have the experience of being heard, seen, and understood. I remember saying to myself, “when I grow up I’m going to help people talk better”. I have dedicated my life to just that – developing myself, and being in a career working with people, who have an appetite to be masterful in communication and alter the course of their relationships, careers, and lives.

In 2009, I had another defining moment, as I was listening to 3 family members, each from a different generation talk about the complexity of working together in the family business. One of them says, “our conflict has gone from level 3 to 130 because of succession planning”. I’m leaning in – my heart pounding; completely enthralled in what they were saying; and I think to myself, “that’s what I’ve been put on the planet to do”.

Today, I am widely recognized as a ‘Communication Specialist’. A Communication Specialist deals with the human dimension of family and business. The health of a relationship is a function of communication. I work in the realm of relationship coaching, growing skills and capacity to resolve any issue through empowering and effective communication. Upset in relationships and life is a natural occurrence; and the difference in the quality of our life is directly correlated with our effectiveness to resolve.

I’m a champion for people to know their greatness founded on personal mastery. I have a commitment that families work and for people to live an extraordinary life; one they love. I am passionate about performance, learning, connection, and fulfillment.

Communication can resolve anything. The problem is, we stop talking!


“Trudy relates with people in a way that helps us to see ourselves in a new light to improve our communication and understanding with clients, family and friends.”

Allan Châtenay
Allan ChâtenayPresident of Explor, Calgary