Can a Happy Family and Successful Business Live Together?

You can have it all—but you’re going to have to negotiate for it. Whenever there’s conflicting needs, working out the parameters ahead of time so everyone involved is getting what they need is the key to success.

Family needs and business needs often conflict. Spouses or partners make demands, children don’t understand, aging parents need help. How do you make it all work?
Sitting down with everyone involved and having a genuine open discussion about the reality of managing home life and the office is the first step. Explain business doesn’t come first and talk about how you’ve worked to create a successful company. Ask for co-operation so that family members feel involved and respected.

A man should never neglect his family for business.
– Walt Disney

Use the problem solving skills you’ve honed through coaching and at work to get and keep a happy family, while growing your business. Strike an agreement that works for everyone and then respect your part of the bargain. As in business, poor execution and lack of accountability can cause a crisis. Make sure your behaviour mirrors your intentions.
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Real growth occurs when you communicate on an authentic level, seeking to understand, not just be understood.

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