According to statistics, public speaking is the #1 fear — people would rather die, than get up and speak in front of a group. The power of fear is immense, and, as human beings, we tend to avoid doing anything that we can’t see ourselves being successful at. The constraints and limitations this fear costs in career and leadership opportunities is high.

The costs are equally the same when a leader takes the risks to be in front of the room and isn’t effective. It can be a debilitating career move impacting both your credibility, and ability to influence, if you didn’t make a strong impression or your message didn’t land with confidence, clarity and positive force.

Being effective, confident, and naturally at ease on your feet is a distinguishing factor in leadership. Be a leader who steps into being uniquely expressed and confident presenting in any situation; to any number of people. It opens doors, builds confidence, and creates opportunities for “great” leadership.  Why?  Because words creates worlds; where, people drive to perform.