Emotional Intelligence: Understanding Emotions & Their Behavioural Impact

Self-Perception: Emotional Self-Awareness Competency

PositionalViewsEmotional Self-Awareness includes recognizing and understanding one’s own emotions. This includes the ability to differentiate between subtleties in one’s own emotions while understanding the cause of these emotions, as well as the impact they have on one’s own thoughts and actions, and those of others.
Neuroscience research shows that 80% of what we see is seen by the patterns in our brain vs. reality in front of us.  Research also shows that we only take in information that validates our context (views, opinions, perspectives, etc.).  In part, what is at play is our inherent need to be right. Examples of this are: a person sees their boss as “a jerk or a terrific person”, or a sibling who has a conflict with another family member will naturally blame it on that family member’s character.
While our brain has the capability to see multiple perspectives, we automatically live in one of two positions: Good – Bad | Right – Wrong | I like them – I don’t like them | I like this – I don’t like this. Self-awareness requires each of us to look in the mirror at ourselves and no one else.  Look at your own thoughts, feelings, triggers and experiences as your own.
Emotional Self-Awareness Activity: Notice the position you take | Notice the impact it has on your communication/relationships | Notice the quality of your life as a result of the positions you take.
Daily Emotion Log – Record the events and emotions for a week of your life, and take stock of how your behaviour influenced the outcome:

  • When:
  • Event:
  • Emotions Experienced:
  • Behaviour:
  • Outcome:


EQ Emotional Intelligence Assessments are based on composites and their competencies. Each week in this series of blogs I will explore a composite or competency and its importance and impact on leadership; and then provide an exercise to help you expand that particular composite or competency.  I encourage you to buy a journal for the walk into your greatness, to do the work thoughtfully, and share your discoveries and challenges with me – either through the comments section of this blog or at trudy@simplymore.ca.