Exit Strategy Coaching


Beginnings go together with endings.  The challenge is, we, as human beings don’t like endings.  Imagine creating your transition that fulfills personal dreams and professional goals.  Stop – Imagine — the peace of mind you will have from taking care of your family, your partners, clients, and colleagues — the future leaders of the business.  Imagine navigating the complexities of continuity and succession planning with clarity and purpose.  Imagine celebrating accomplishments and identifying what really matters to you; as you consider the next stage of your life.

Continuity planning for professionals facing retirement includes the dimensions of personal, family, business, future leadership, and partners.  It is not a linear process.  The roadmap is a series of conversations to design plans and structures to secure the future for everyone.  The guided process involves exploring, reflecting, acknowledging, and building.  It is a bold undertaking, that when taken with me, could be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.  It is a worthwhile endeavor requiring disciplined attention and commitment.