Family Business Consulting

Meaningful Dialogue™ Resolves Family Business Conflicts

While a family who is strong and united does not guarantee a thriving and successful business and/or the successful management of assets; it significantly increases fulfilling that possibility.  A family that does not deal with conflict effectively; and is not united and actively engaged in strengthening family relationships, guarantees the eventual failure of a business and/or the mismanagement and loss of assets.

At the source of family business issues and family stress are unresolved family conflicts.  Often, families tend to procrastinate on improving the health of family relationships and communication.  There is history at play that can leave family members resigned and cynical that anything can be different in the future.

Continuity Research Identifies Success Factors:

  • Family Organization:
    • Family meetings to engage, educate and bond
    • Family governance including family vision, mission, values, and succession principles
  • Consensus on business direction
  • Outside Accountability:
    • Active independent advisory board

View how important “Business Family Dialogues” are for solving Conflicts.

The Trajectory is Predictable