Goal – An Upset-Free Life

ID-10063200Something goes wrong – a disagreement with a loved one or a conflict at work – and our energy becomes focused on the upsetting situation. Attention may shift from what’s in front of us requiring our concentration or is a moment to be enjoyed, and instead, we dwell on what we perceive to be a threat. We may believe we’re not getting what we think we deserve or that someone has mistreated us. Whatever we perceive the situation to be, negative energy is created. Our thoughts and our conversations revolve around what’s happened and we become distracted; energy is drained and our effectiveness in other areas is reduced.
Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?
Something to think about. It’s human nature to want to be right, to feel vindicated. But in the long-term, does hanging onto your angry or hurt feelings serve you? Digging in your heels, refusing to budge or take the higher road. What purpose will that serve? Yes, you might eventually ‘win’ by having the other person admit they are wrong, but at what cost to you?
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The price of negative energy
There’s a cost to hanging onto your negativity. The loss of inner peace. When you’re in conflict and hanging onto it with fingernails dug in, your serenity and your ability to handle and enjoy the rest of your life is speeding out the door.
The big payoff
You can be happy no matter what your circumstances. It’s a choice. You can make the decision to keep fueling the conflict or you can choose ahead of time not to let life batter you. It’s up to you and it always has been. Gaining mastery over your reaction to what life throws at you is the key to a happy, upset-free life.
What are you going to choose?
Personal mastery is the power to think and act independently of your circumstances!
In the book You Can Be Happy Not Matter What, Richard Carlson writes:
Remember, in a low mood, we will always be able to point to reasons why we feel the way we do and we will be tempted to trust our thoughts. But our thoughts in a low mood will be distorted. “
The Pivotal Technique helps us to master our feelings around our circumstances, dissolving negative energy.
The Pivotal Technique:
Step 1. Describe where you are
Step 2. Describe where you want to be
Step 3. Once again, formally choose the result you want
Step 4. Move on
It’s always a choice – life is made up of many of them. The decisions you make each and every moment determine your peace of mind.
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The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz
However wanted or unwanted your present circumstances may be, they function as needed feedback so that you can know the current status of the result you are creating.