Growth doesn’t come without discomfort

Every year I look forward to the first signs of spring. It’s one of my favourite seasons. New buds and leaves materialize one day and growth and renewal begin to emerge all around us. A friend told me one day that some leaves grow from the edges – interesting.
In our personal and professional lives, times of growth and change also appear, invited or uninvited. Life, like the seasons, isn’t static and through choice or circumstance, we must adapt and change. But it isn’t always easy. Some of us struggle more than others with change; we focus on the negative and our shortcomings, worried that we can’t make the leap.
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Growth is often accompanied by discomfort and pain. We may not like where we’ve been, but we’re usually comfortable with it. A few years ago, I was going through a time of change, focused on the downside and feeling disempowered. The coach I was working with at the time compared how I was feeling to being on a slippery slope, one where I was setting myself up for failure. We explored my reaction to what was going and reframed how I was thinking about it.
Instead of focusing on the negative, I learned to choose a different perspective, one where I welcomed these ‘slippery slopes’ as confirmation I was moving out of my comfort zone and expanding. That experience opened the door for me to have many opportunities where I faced growth and change with open arms.
Challenge yourself
Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your typical reaction when you are on a slippery slope?
  • What is the conversation with yourself that keeps you playing small?
  • What is something you hold as true about you–something that if you gave it up greatness could emerge?

And remember this quote, “If you believe you can or believe you can’t—you are right.” Anonymous.
Maintaining balance on the slippery slopes

  • Breathe – it is the quickest, fastest way to transform your inner state
  • Renew – your commitment to yourself and to your goal
  • Choose it – choose to have the experience, as it is
  • Appreciate – there is something in your life to be grateful for – be that!

Laugh – don’t take yourself too seriously.
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Thinking Better – Tim Hurson
The Opposable Mind – Roger Martin
The Art of Possibility – Ben Zander
Book clips:
Thinking Better – Tim Hurson
The Art of Possibility – Ben Zander
The Art of Possibility

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