How do you show up when you don't know what to do?

Most of us do more of what we know to do when we don’t know what to do! Why? It is human nature to resist change.
One expert, Robert Quinn speaks to the #1 reason why 90% of corporate change initiatives fail.  He says it is because the senior leaders are unwilling to take on and go through the deep personal change that is required.
“Real Leadership” requires us to face the risks to reinvent ourselves.  Quinn calls it “Getting Lost with Confidence” that is; to learn in a way that helps us forget what we know and discover the pathways including what we and others need.  Leaders who learn their way into a new and emerging world are master change agents which demand an ongoing conversation and exploration.
Executive Coaching — Business and Performance
Coaching impacts business results — it improves every dimension of leadership and performance for individuals, teams and organizations.  Coaching facilitates a dialogue that causes a person to think differently and from multiple perspectives.  Coaching is an inquiry exposing the things we don’t see or don’t know and don’t even know that we don’t know it.  This improves understanding, expands options, enhances decision making and ignites the ability to take action. Coaching is a potent communication process that clarifies current reality and expands capabilities to increased levels of effectiveness, accountability and problem-solving.  Coaching is a client-driven approach to change, learning and growth which accelerates the ability to improve performance results.
Statistics show…
Coaching provides an average return on investment of 5.7 times.
Training increases productivity by 22.4% — productivity increases to 88% when combined with coaching.
“One cannot teach a man anything.  One can only enable him to learn from within himself.”



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