How EQ Works – The Assessments

Emotional Intelligence can be assessed using EQ-i 2.0 and EQ360°. This is how they work.
EQ-i 2.0 – Self-Assessment 
This assessment enables you to measure and assess the skills that actually predict your future leadership success; and some say it predicts your trajectory for life success.  Why?  Emotional Intelligence is the competencies that form the foundation of communication, relationships, leadership, motivation and high performance.
Statistics show that 85% of people on leave are as a result of high stress which means they are not coping with life demands and day-to-day pressures.
EQ360° – Multi-Rater Assessment:
This assessment allows an individual to be anonymously rated by a diverse range of people in their lives – upward (manager/senior leaders), and downward (direct reports), peers (inside or outside of your company), and family and friends.  The assessment is an effective avenue to receive candid and accurate feedback, allowing the leader to understand how his/her effectiveness as a leader, employee, coworker or staff member, is viewed by others.  Brian O’Reilly of Fortune Magazine wrote, “Only about a third of managers produce self-assessments that match what their co-workers conclude.”
The value of the multi-rater assessment is far reaching.  For the leader being assessed, it is a tool which focuses growth and change efforts.  It increases the leader’s capacity to lead meaningful change while facilitating learning opportunities and developmental conversations.  Further to that it clarifies expectations and perceptions, thereby increasing understanding.  It allows your people/team to contribute which:

  1. Delivers a message that says they are important and their opinion is valued
  2. Expands the potential for open dialogue
  3. Increases employee engagement
  4. Involves the team to create change

“What a gift it would be to see ourselves as others see us!”  

~Robbie Burns

Both assessments are based on EQ competencies and composites. Each week in this series of blogs, I will explore a competency or composite with an opening that explains its importance and impact on leadership, coupled with an exercise to help you expand that particular composite or competency. I encourage you to buy a journal for the walk into your greatness, to do the work thoughtfully, and share your discoveries and challenges with me – either through the comments section of this blog or at
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