Put down the whip

What we focus on in life is what we get. The universe will show up for us exactly as we expect it. Most of us are our own worst critics—often, we’re harder on ourselves than anyone else.

Wrong again

ID-10041042Instead of asking how many we got right, we immediately zero in on how many we got wrong. Rather than celebrating our successes, we beat ourselves up for the errors we made. For most of us, this is a subconscious pattern that’s been long established. Unfortunately, it can permeate all areas of our lives, diminishing our performance at work and in our personal lives. This negative self-perception can influence how we show up in the world—when we met new people, how we interact in our relationships, how we communicate and how we perceive life overall.
In a book I read by Osho, an Indian philosopher, he writes ‘the mind is both logical and linear, so it operates in a straight line limiting our ability to see both sides of a situation. Our minds automatically deny one side.’ Conversely, according to Osho, life is dialectical; it moves with the opposite, zigzagging from positive to negative and negative to positive. Life uses opposites because it believes in two.
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How does this affect your performance? 
The result is your perceptions are lopsided—you perceive only one side of situations, limiting your abilities. This robs you of your power because of mental emotional and sometimes physical imbalance. Optimal performance depends on balance. Look at sports, for example. Athletic endeavours demand balance to be successful. The need for balance is also required in the rest of our lives.
How can you empower your performance?
One way that you can improve your performance is by acquiring more balanced perception is through this exercise. Standing, hold your hands up and in front of you. Place the situation that your attention is on in one hand. Imagine and feel the weight of your viewpoint, whether that is positive or negative. Use your mind to find the opposite side of what you see; again using your imagination to place a weight on it. Keep looking for the opposite until you can feel the imagined weight balanced equally in both hands. This mental exercise will help you to practice perceiving life in a more balanced way.
Other ways to empower your performance:
First, understand that empowered performance is a moment-by-moment creation and make a commitment to empower your own.

  • Recognize the key to empowered performance is to come face to face with how and what you think—this will be some of the most challenging and rewarding work you ever do!
  • Replace judgment with curiosity (as soon as we judge, we view something negatively and we become polarized).
  • Turn your curiosity into self-observation, which cultivates more presence and awareness moment by moment improving the quality of your life.
  • Deliberately look for the other side of a situation. When you are seeing what’s wrong, challenge yourself to find what is right. When you see only the positive, dare yourself to see the complementary opposite.

Consider hiring a coach. A coach’s responsibility and goal whether in sports, business or life is to improve performance and results.  The Demartini Method® is a powerful tool to balance perceptions, emotional and mental states.  I have incorporated this methodology in my Executive and Business coaching programs.
Bookclips ~
1. Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman
Great leaders move us. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us. When we try to explain why they are so effective, we speak of strategy, vision, or powerful ideas. But the reality is much more primal: Great leadership works through the emotions.
The key to making primal leadership work to everyone’s advantage lies in the leadership competencies of emotional intelligence: how leaders handle themselves and their relationships. Leaders who maximize the benefits of primal leadership drive the emotions of those they lead in the right direction.
2. Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott
Psycho-neuro-immunology is a field in which medical physicians and quantum physicists have met, shaken hands, and engaged in a startling conversation.  It seems that you and I have the ability to strengthen or weaken our own immune systems.  The surprising news is that it has less to do with a healthy diet or an exercise regimen, and more to do with the degree of integrity with which we live our lives. 
3. The Art of Possibility
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