“Trudy is passionate about creating the best. From day one, I was able to see the connection she has with people. The turning point in the executive coaching journey was breaking through the barriers. When that happened, we knew we succeeded.”

Jennifer LivingstonManager, Corporate ResourcesLong Run Exploration Ltd.

Trudy was tasked with the challenge to help me become a better public speaker. She coached me from some less than effective habits and grounded me in a new set of presentation skills; the result being a more confident effective presenter. Trudy was a pleasure to work with. Her coaching techniques were top shelf.

Dale MillerPresident & COOLong Run Exploration Ltd.

Trudy’s work in the area of difficult conversations is vitally important for families who are committed to continued ownership of assets together as these families strive to build capacity within themselves to face the inevitable challenges of cross generation transition. Her work also extends to leadership development for the next generation sustaining continued growth and success.

Ruth SteverlynckPrincipalYour Family Enterprise

Trudy’s coaching has helped me to broaden my personal strengths to further develop my leadership skills and to tap into the courage needed to become a stronger and more effective leader and a better person.

Marian HannaP. Geoph. President and DirectorIon Geophysical, GXT Technology Canada Ltd.

Trudy is a master! She coached me to develop the skills that made potentially ugly conversations go well.

Greg HelfrichCOOELRUS Agregate Systems

The executive coaching guided me in the process of understanding myself and the people around me, more clearly and without the guilt of worrying about what others may think. Trudy enabled me to discover a whole new world – the ability to appreciate and accept myself and others for the gifts that we all have and sometimes overlook!

Janice OgilvieInternational Benefits ConsultantPenmore Benefits Inc.

As a business coach, Trudy knows how to connect with her clients, help them clarify and align their goals, and coach them to develop strategies to exceed their objectives. Anyone aspiring to improve their management and career opportunities would do well to partner with Trudy.

Glen VroomanTechnical Sales SpecialistSpartan Controls Ltd.

With passion and conviction Trudy pulls on her own life experiences and proven techniques to assist people in being more powerful, succinct and engaging presenters.

Steve Sinclair-SmithCOODivestco Inc.

Trudy’s love of life and passion for lifting the human spirit is infectious. She is an executive coach that helps people see themselves clearly. Trudy motivates people by linking daily work to long term goals enabling them to make their dreams come true.

Bryan LungeDirector of Sales & MarketingStudon Electric & Controls Inc.Calgary, Alberta

Trudy has a knack connecting with people of all ages from all walks of life with passion, energy and creativity. As a coach, she gets straight to the issues by asking the right questions and challenges people to see outside of their regular thinking patterns. She is a natural coach, leader and lifelong learner.

Constance HenryHuman Resources AdvisorSpectra Energy, Calgary, Alberta

Trudy captivates and engages the audience with her stimulating messages and powerful delivery. She has integrity in her way of being, actions and in her words. Trudy is deeply motivated and passionate about helping others live a better life.

Charlene BaileyGeophysical TechnologistHusky Energy - Calgary, Alberta

One of the most rewarding wins I got was a higher degree of comfort speaking in a group, particularly in pressure situations. I’m achieving success both personally and at work.

Tom TisdaleBranch ManagerPronghorn Controls - Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Trudy spoke at a wellness event I attended and I was not only inspired by the words she spoke but by her presence. She captivated the audience and actively involved us in an exercise that immediately relieved us of stress. Trudy’s delivery was exceptional and she was a delight to watch and listen to. I was truly inspired!

Diana FitzpatrickCentury 21 Real Estate - Calgary, Alberta

I am a more confident project manager taking on new initiatives with more energy as a result of working with Trudy. I am a stronger leader taking an active role in making changes to improve our work environment. I feel that I am taken more seriously and when I speak, and I know I am heard.

Kathleen CoffeyTechnical Services & Facilities ManagerLaricina Energy Ltd. - Calgary, Alberta

Trudy is an animated presenter who instills enthusiasm into her audiences. Her style of communication is up- front and personal with compelling messages that inspire people to action. She is flexible, adaptable and with her extensive speaking experience has the capability to address any size of audience effectively.

Terry Barnhart, CEOBarnhart Investments - Calgary, Alberta

I recently had the opportunity to hear Trudy speak. Trudy engaged her audience with both her informative content and her dynamic delivery. It was entertaining and inspiring to listen to her, and since then, I have made some permanent changes in my daily perspective.

Janice Toews, Database AdministratorUniversity of Calgary - Calgary, Alberta

Trudy helped us help ourselves. She has a way of asking the tough questions that we needed to answer — the dialogue and results were always good.

Craig Broen, Regional ManagerPronghorn Controls - Central Alberta

Trudy took my leadership skills to a level higher by identifying my individual needs and providing guidance as well as resources. She made a tangible difference in how I organize my thinking and manage my time.

Ken Callow, District ManagerPronghorn Controls - Red Deer-Sundre, Alberta

Our business is only as good as our people; and Trudy has a knack for helping people realize how good they are. I got that I’m good at managing my people and how I can bring that to dealing with clients, daily. I also learned how to bring the positive home after I close my office door at night.

Jeff Sharpe, District ManagerPronghorn Controls - Drumheller/Hanna, Alberta

Trudy challenged me in a new and interesting way to listen to others. I now have strategies to refocus and increase my presence improving the quality of my interactions.

Owen Myhre, District ManagerPronghorn Controls - Fort St. John, British Columbia

ProspEx works with Trudy as our Executive Coach as well as facilitator for Business Development & Marketing Strategies. Trudy’s knowledge and experience has been welcomed by our staff and is contributing to our growth. Trudy listens to our questions and is able to provide thoughtful and valuable feedback enabling us to make better decisions in our company. Want results? We recommend Trudy and her services to you.

Don & Chandra Keith, FoundersProspEx Resource Management Ltd. - Calgary, Alberta

I worked with Trudy as my executive coach throughout the roller-coaster process of starting and running my own business. Trudy had a way of making me look at my stressors and issues in a different light – one that was calm and positive. I always left our coaching dialogues energized, motivated and more determined than ever to reach my goals. Trudy’s holistic perspective of how everything in life is connected resonated deeply with me and I highly recommend Trudy to anyone who is looking to clarify or fulfill their dreams.

Vera Ilnyckyj, OwnerUp Marketing Solutions - Calgary, Alberta

I’ve engaged Trudy as my executive coach and there are few people I know who are more skilled, better trained and as gifted at guiding personal growth. Her warmth creates comfort; her competence instills trust and her integrity inspires commitment.

Ruth Steverlynck, PrincipalRES Consulting - Vancouver, British Columbia

I was able to take on difficult conversations with both skill, leadership and strength as a result of working with Trudy. Also, she helped me to realize that my potential is endless as I clarified my career direction and increased my own awareness and understanding of others and how I impact them.

Jeff Mitton, Contract ManagerTrinidad Drilling - Calgary, Alberta

With Trudy’s coaching I have been able to achieve substantially better results in both my professional and personal sides of my life. The strengthening of relationships gained from a more complete understanding of myself and my impact on others and the confidence I have gained to deal with difficult situations and conversation is invaluable as a leader.

Greg Helfrich, COOELRUS Aggregate Systems - Calgary, Alberta

I was looking for a little insight, and came away with a whole new picture. In my heart I had been feeling like there has to be more…I was reading all the self help books, but I still didn’t know how to uncover what it was that I felt was missing from my life. Then I met Trudy. Trudy’s compassion enabled me to take an honest look at myself, and her insight helped me acknowledge that if I wanted more from life, I would have to ask more of myself and take a look inside…of me. The honesty, encouragement, and reality that Trudy brought to each of our sessions enabled me to embrace all that I am, and liberated me from past beliefs that continued to keep me from moving forward. Be ready to go on a journey of self exploration. Trudy will expect nothing less, and more importantly helps you see that neither should you.

Vickie Chase, Community Relations & SkywatchCTV - Calgary, Alberta

I’ve had the unique opportunity to have been both a colleague and student of Trudy’s. In both cases, I witnessed her boundless tenacity and perseverance to see her tasks, objectives and goals to completion. As a peer, it gave me the confidence to go into opportunities knowing with Trudy on the project, we had the best possible probability of winning the deal. As a participant in a Communications course she led, I could count on her never to permit mediocrity and push me beyond my comfort boundaries to help me achieve my personal best.

Dennis Ludbrook, Senior Channel Engagement ManagerTelus - Calgary, Alberta

As a result of partnering with Trudy as my coach, I expanded my leadership skills which increased my effectiveness at engaging the teams I lead to collectively address potential and emerging issues. These skills have positively transcended across my professional, volunteer and personal life. I would recommend Trudy to anyone looking for that little something that will make THE difference.

Kelly Hyde-Wein, Lead Communications AdvisorEncana - Calgary, Alberta

Trudy is a life skills coach who is a natural leader. She has a communication style that helps any Executive, Sales Manager, Business Owner and leader or employee who is accountable for corporate performance results improve their leadership, productivity and strategies to be successful.

Kim Wright - Dealing RepresentativeWealthTerra Capital Management - Calgary, Alberta

Trudy’s skills as a life coach have aided me to reach within myself and find the confidence I have always believed that I lacked in order to communicate openly and unemotionally. Her guidance has helped me confront corporate, leadership, and life incidents, that I would otherwise have avoided, with total self-assurance.

Ann Burgess, Editorial and Merchandising ManagerShop To It - Calgary, Alberta

Probably the most important attribute that someone can bring to the role of Executive Coach or Business Coach is passion. Trudy’s passion and insight into human nature makes her truly exceptional at providing the Mentorship that is required.

Michael Zingeler, ContractsAlberta Health Services - Calgary Alberta

I was fortunate to work with Trudy in the capacity of a leadership coach. Based on the pace we keep, it isn’t often that we take time to focus on ourselves as individuals, as well as the situations and relationships we are dealing with, to see another way to achieve the results we desire. Trudy challenged me to be true to myself which empowered me to take control of the outcome of challenges. Trudy provided me with various tools to use to work through the obstacles for the desired results. Especially in today’s market where everything is uncertain; I found incredible value in making the time to check in with what really mattered to me and have someone who helped me be accountable to myself.

Kim Wingerak, Client Services DirectorArcturus Realty - Calgary, Alberta

Trudy engaged her audience with both her informative content and her dynamic delivery. It was entertaining and inspiring to listen to her, and since then, I have made some permanent changes in my daily perspective.

Janice Toews, Database AdministratorUniversity of Calgary - Calgary, Alberta

From the moment Trudy began to speak she was able to engage the crowd of 100 people and involve them in the learning process. Her eloquent manner of presenting really helped to set the atmosphere for an afternoon of indulgence and pampering. I know that a lot of women were able to make a connection with Trudy and take something valuable away from the experience.

Renée Pélissier, University of CalgaryC.H.A.S.E. Clinic Sponsor of "An Afternoon of Indulgence"www.welladjusted.ca

Trudy’s “fierce” facilitation style ensures every participant in the workshop is engaged and accountable. Fierce Conversations® is one of the few workshops I have personally attended where you leave with real tools to use in coaching up your team. The time we spent was invaluable in developing communication skills and teamwork for our entire management group. I fully expect us to utilize the fierce conversation techniques to drive the overall performance we are looking for within our organization.

Jeff Bryant, CEO/PresidentInland Northwest Blood Center - Spokane, Washington

Trudy has a gift of blending empathy and directness. I am in action and I’m held accountable for my commitments. She draws on a deep well of training and personal experience expanding my capacity to be a better person, leader, friend, husband, co-worker….you name it!

Ken Chisholm, VP Sales & MarketingGreat Western Containers Inc. - Calgary, Alberta

Painted Pony Petroleum’s executive team is stronger for having worked with Trudy as our facilitator for our corporate strategy executive retreats and executive development. We are engaged in conversations in new ways including the ones we were avoiding. We’re bringing authenticity, commitment to effective communication and to understand each others’ perspectives. We possess greater awareness the impact our unique leadership styles has and we’ve stepped into new levels of personal accountability with ourselves and each other.

Pat Ward, P Geol, President & CEOPainted Pony Petroleum Ltd - Calgary, Alberta

Trudy’s ideas about presentation structure and delivery techniques that maintain audience engagement helped me to move my effectiveness as a presenter to the next level.

Yogi Shulz, PresidentCorvelle Consulting - Calgary, Alberta

I didn’t know how to uncover what it was I felt I was missing from my life. Trudy’s compassion enabled me to take an honest look at myself and ask more from myself.

Vickie Chase, Community Relations & SkywatchCTV Calgary - Calgary, Alberta

Trudy is a natural leader whose communication style helps any leaders who is accountable for corporate performance results improve their leadership strategies.

WealthTerra Capital Management - Calgary, Alberta

The approach was different than I expected; very hands on and we got more out of a day than I thought was possible. It was a confidence builder.

Chad Tuck, Strategic Accounts DirectorNOV Wilson - Calgary, Alberta

Trudy is an animated speaker who is up-front and personal with compelling messages that energize and inspire the hearts and minds of her audience.

Patti Bushfield, Calgary, Alberta

Fierce has had a tremendous impact on my conversations; particularly two difficult conversations with leaders about their performance. One of them attempted every trick in the book to avoid accountability while blaming everyone and everything else. I never let up with the questions; I kept digging for understanding. We came out of the conversation with an action plan and very specific goals and objectives. I’ve become a much more authentic and engaging leader and much more caring and thoughtful as an individual.

Marvin Pawlivsky, Group Sales & Business Development ManagerHB Group Insurance Management Ltd. - Western Region